2014/ 2015 National Calender/

The Nigerian Association of Computer Science Students

Future Programs

Lots of developments are taking place, people in our communities are not even aware of it. Also, Organizations across the globe are changing faster and leadership is becoming more challenging. This means no organization can afford to live in the past. Over the past few weeks, the NEC members of the Nigeria Association of the Computer Science Students (NACOSS) have brainstormed on what can be termed the blue print of the Agenda for our tenure. The outline is stated below:

Gender Equality Participation in ICT (GEPICT)

Gender Equality participation in Information Communication Technology (GEPICT) is a female initiative program organized under the office of the NACOSS National Vice president. The main aim of the program is to unlock female potentials in ICT, orientate female NACOSSites on how and what they can contribute to the growth of the economy technologically and also boosting up female mentality on information technology . The theme of the program is “Female gender participation in ICT; its effects on National Development.”

Nationwide Institutional Training

It has always been our hallmark to focus on students’ development. This segment of industry comprises of the youth-in-training. They are energetic, enthusiastic and dynamic. It is in our confidence that they are the IT leaders of today and the future of our dear country, Nigeria. With the right skills set imbibed early, they can form the next digital army to liberate the nation from apparent skill deficiency. This program will involve NACOSS engaging in strategic partnership with corporate organizations who are basically into IT trainings so as to deliver standard training services to NACOSSITES (in all geo-political zones of Nigeria) at a subsidized prices.

Nigerian IT Talent Exhibition (NITTEX 2015)

This is an annual program that creates a platform for Nigerian youths from the six (6) geo political zones of Nigeria who are IT neophytes and gurus, associated with the intriguing world of Information Communication Technology to compete and test their technical skills. NITTEX is a program targeted towards enlightening, empowering and exposing Nigerian youths and their talent to a community of IT experts and users with the singular aim of stimulating the ‘can-do’ spirit that will drive the Nigerian economy. This year programme is titled: “Tackling Real World Challenges through Software Technology”. The theme is “PROmoting LOcal Content SOFTware” PROLOCSOFT 2015.

National, Zonal / State Workshop (MDG)

The emergence of globalization has brought about a revolution in the dissemination of information through ICT. It has been established that ICT aid sustainable development and that it provides consummate techniques in nation building. In Nigeria, government has embarked on a grand reform agenda encapsulated in the Millennium Development Goal’s document which advocated for a massive and compulsory propagation of skills in ICT through “Universal Mandatory Information Technology Training (UMITT)” as a foundation program for all Nigerian youth irrespective of academic discipline It is in view of this state of affairs that the NIGERIA ASSOCIATION OF COMPUTER SCIENCE STUDENTS (NACOSS) have thought it well to embark on an aggressive nationwide seminar/workshop through the State/ Zonal ICT workshop that will seek amongst other things, to deliberate on the challenging issues facing Nigerian students with a view to reviewing their input in national development. Our contribution as youths and future leaders of this nation, and more importantly as budding professionals, cannot be undermined. In fact, it is imperative to know that the eventual success of any national campaign that will guarantee sustainable development is tightly-coupled to the level of awareness and preparedness of those that constitute the future workforce of this nation. Therefore, there will be a need to make relevant an attractive environment for the active participation of this segment of industry.

One NACOSS Member One IT Certification (ONMOIC)

This is an IT Certification campaign; we wish to use to equip our all our members. This campaign program will enable each of the NACOSS member to obtain at least one IT certification before he/she graduates from any higher institution free or at a very subsides cost. The areas of the training include:
1. Adobe
2. SAP
3. Google Applications
4. Microsoft Applications
6. Oracle
7. Micro controllers
8. System controllers


The importance of changing the face of the Association informed the need to develop a website (which we have achieved “www.nacoss.org.ng”) that will ensure the automation of NACOSS activities, members’ registration and Identity management. It will also ensure the direct upgrade of graduating members of the association into NCS Community. The website has the feature of a content management system that will allow users to have access to customized email addresses and share information more easily within the community. It also features social network activities and a link to download e-books, software and the association’s constitution.

ICT Challenge Trip to Ghana

We are planning a national trip to Ghana so that fellow NACOSSites can have an insight into the development of ICT in other countries. They will have the opportunity of meeting well-rounded students from other parts of West Africa; pay a visit to the Kofi-Annan advance institute of information and communication technology, and several other ICT establishments. This programme is expected to involve as much as Three hundred (300) NACOSSites from the six (6) geo-political zones. This program is being planned to be the same week of the innovation week that will be held in Kofi-Annan ICT center Ghana. This will help to expose the NACOSSities to new innovation, we also intent to exhibit some of the application we have developed during our upcoming software summit.

S/N Programme Structure: Programme Venue: Programme Date:
1 National Software Summit (Promoting Indegious Content Software) University of Uyo, Akwa-Ibom State (South South) 22nd - 24th April, 2015
2 National Female Summit (Theme: “Female Gender Participation in ICT; Its Effects on National Development") Obafemi Awolowo University, Osun State (South West) 17th - 20th June, 2015
3 NACOSS State Conference(Theme: “Tackling ICT Issues from the grassroot") In All 36 States October 2014 - July 2015
4 NACOSS-ICT MGD Zonal Conference
In All Zonal Secretariat October 2014 - July 2015
5 NACOSS-ICT MGD National Conference
Yet to be fixed (North Zone) August 2015
6 NACOSS-ICT Innovation week in Ghana
Kofi- Annam ICT center, Ghana 13th - 19th of Sept, 2015
7 NACOSS-ICT Certification Campaign Program
At Various Training Centers October 2014 - August 2015
8 NACOSS National Conference
Federal University of Technology, Owerri (South East) Yet to be fixed